Jujube Fruit

Now that school has started and I am back to work, my jujube tree is loaded with fruit ready to ripen into a dark red color. This time of year is so busy with many fruits and vegetables here just hitting peak harvest time, yet the return to work phase leaves little energy for canning and prepping. I have to find the right balance so that both can be accomplished in the right mind set. Please comment with any tips you have found helpful during harvest time.

jujube tree

 The jujube fruit is new to me and I was thrilled to read that it has 20 times the amount of Vitamin C of citrus fruits! Apparently there are several tree varieties and luckily I have one where the fruit is good to eat raw, like an apple. These fruits are still green and immature, but soon will turn a full red color and begin to soften and wrinkle. The best time to eat them raw is the stage between yellow-green and full red. The fruits I have eaten so far at this stage were crisp, sweet, and similar to an apple. I’ve been looking for recipes to use them in and have only been able to find one for jujube butter; I’ll be trying this since we like apple butter too. Has anyone tried jujube fruit or have recipes?

jujube fruit

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