Monsanto hired mercenaries to infiltrate anti-GMO groups

I read this story last May here and was reminded of it with all the latest news on the government collecting our personal information.  Who would have thought Monsanto, the company who brought us Agent Orange, aspartame, PCBs, DDT, and GMO seeds, would hire mercenaries and former CIA agents (through the firm Blackwater) to infiltrate anti-Monsanto organizations. They gathered information from 2008-2010 on people who rallied against GMO crops.  If I didn’t think this company was deadly before, they are deadly serious now.

I think this gains some importance when combined with the news that Obama has signed into law the “Monsanto Protection Act”.  According to Mike Adams, editor of Natural News, The Monsanto Protection Act, part of the HR 933 continuing resolution, allows Monsanto to override U.S. federal courts on the issue of planting experimental genetically engineered crops all across the country. Even if those experimental crops are found to be extremely dangerous or to cause a runaway crop plague, the U.S. government now has no judicial power to stop them from being planted and harvested.

As reports, the bill “effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of GMO or GE crops and seeds, no matter what health consequences from the consumption of these products may come to light in the future.”

More reason to grow your own, know your farmer, shop local.

vote no gmo

Banning Heirloom Seeds?

The European Commission is seeking to ban all heirloom seeds. They are considering legislation that will criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with the government. The proposed law “Plant Reproductive Material Law” would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce, or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy called the “EU Plant Variety Agency”.  Virtually all plants, vegetable seeds and gardeners will eventually be registered by the government and gardeners must also pay FEES to the EU for the registration of their seeds. You can read the proposed law here , but pay attention to the Articles  since they are what becomes law and not the misleading summary.

Why am I concerned about what the EU is doing with heirloom seeds? Because I think we will soon be jumping on this bandwagon. Certain large corporations who already own the majority of our seed companies will find this irresistible as it will drive the small heirloom seed companies out of business. I believe it will also trickle down to home gardeners and seed saving will become a criminal act (as it already is for Monsanto seeds).  You can read more about this proposed law and what it means for us  here.


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Summer Plans

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I love cats. I love chickens.  I know……my twisted sense of humor is showing!


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“Adopted” is my favorite breed

Love this from the Animal Rescue Site!

Preschool Activities

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Introverts Are Misunderstood

I am an introvert. I have always known that about myself, but usually accompanied it with an apologetic air. How many times have I said …”I don’t mean to be anti-social, but ….”.    I have learned a few things about being an introvert that have ramifications for both educators and business leaders, given our current culture of rewarding outgoing personalities.

Introverts are misunderstood. Usually we are described as being shy and quiet and do better in small groups.  But that is not the important difference between introverts and extroverts. (And let me say right here that this is a continuum and not absolutes). The main difference is in where we draw our energy. Extroverts draw from outside of  themselves and usually feel refueled by interactions with others or larger social situations.  This would drain an introvert’s energy; we renew ourselves and our creative levels through low-key situations or time spent alone. It is necessary to us. Being an educator, I see the disservice we do to children by constantly having all students in groups at tables and the incessant group projects.

The Mashable article on Why Introverts Have All the Fun, shares a great, short video by Susan Cain, “The Power of Introverts“.   I urge you to watch her; you will gain insight into family members, students, co-workers and how to draw the best from them.

Working with kids all of my life, I have seen the bias against quiet, shy children. They need to know they are alright just the way they are and the adults need to understand they do best being able to solve problems and work without distractions. This beautiful picture book  by Debbie Fox explains and celebrates the nature of the quiet kid/adult in your life.

quiet kid

I saw this cartoon on Mashable and loved how it expresses the introvert nature. The ‘after-party’ is so me.

2d001fa153a2f49994fa29e2cc35f5c2So celebrate being an introvert. Introverts unite!…….oh wait… that would be an oxymoron.

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Friday Inspiration

I love this.  Someday I hope to create photos that will illustrate concepts like this.


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