About Me

    This is the journal of an empty-nester who has the second chance of living a rural life. I find myself on a high desert small acreage with a home and 5+ acres of dirt – really more like rocks –no outbuildings, animals or gardens…yet.  Being a book person, I have loads of books and magazines on homesteading and preparedness, but all that knowledge is sitting in my head or on the bookshelf. Too much reading and not enough doing. There is ancient wisdom that says you must act on and live the knowledge before it is yours, so this is my journey to intentionally live what I believe.   Please follow along as I return to a deeper connection with the land and the basics of gardening, raising chickens, canning, preparedness and generally turning these four walls into a homestead. I hope by sharing my experiences through tips and tutorials,  I will also be helping you to create a more sustainable way of life no matter where you live.

If you would like to ask questions, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to tell me what you would like to read more about in my blog. You can leave your questions as feedback in the Comments section or if you prefer to contact me via email, you may do so at highknollhomestead@gmail.com